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If you don’t have the money to buy the boat of your dreams, financing it through a boat loan is your best option. Just like financing a car or a house, new boat financing is incredibly complicated, and it helps to have the assistance of an experienced professional that’ll guide you through all the complexities of things like boat loan rates so you have the confidence you’re getting the best vessel for your needs at the best rate. To put it in more nautical terms, these experts will help you navigate the rough waters associated with new boat financing and get you safely to shore with the right financing package for you so you can enjoy your new boat!

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Even if you’re an experienced sailor, but especially if you’re new to boating, it’s good to familiarize yourself with all that you’ll encounter when looking to secure a boat through marine finance.  Much like a car loan, a boat loan is a type of installment loan that requires you to pay fixed monthly payments over the course of your life until the loan has been repaid. Boat loan rates depend on a host of factors – the type of boat you’re looking to finance, the loan length, the age of the boat, your credit, and more. A good professional experienced in marine finance will not only help make the new boat financing process easier for you to understand but also fight to get you the best rate possible.

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