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You’ll have the time of your life on the water with a boat charter – it gives you the opportunity to experience a new kind of boating and try out specific boats you may never otherwise get the opportunity to own yourself. Additionally, boat charters can help you better hone your nautical skills if you decide to go with a bareboat charter. Bareboat charters make you the captain, giving you full control – and full responsibility – of the vessel. Alternatively, you can charter a boat along with a professional crew and just relax and enjoy the open water. Some boat charter companies will even go the extra mile and help you find the right boat for your needs or connect you with a certain captain or chef for your cruise. Unlike boat rentals, boat charters typically give you the option of larger sailings boats, even yachts, that are more equipped for longer, more comfortable stays. Chartering a boat can almost be like taking a cruise, but you’re able to set your own schedule and bring along who you want – and you’ll never have to wait in line for anything!

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If fishing is your activity of choice while out on the water, then fishing charters are perfect for you. Fishing charters can be booked for anything from a relaxing afternoon of inshore angling to a serious week of offshore action, and some will even fillet your catch for you and keep it on ice! From smaller, private boats that can carry a handful of passengers to large party boats that can take upwards of 60 people a day, there’s a wide range of fishing charters available for the needs of every kind of fisherman. Either way, fishing charters are an exciting way to have some fun on the water without the worry of maintenance.

For those who like to travel in style, a charter yacht provides you the opportunity to spend a luxurious time on the water and often provide an all-inclusive experience. Food, alcohol, fuel, and docking fees are all included, and you’ll have a captain, mate, chef, and, depending on the size of the yacht, other crew dedicated to making your experience as fun as possible!

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