Top 5 Boat Rental Companies in Delray Beach
Top 5 Boat Rental Companies in Delray Beach

Florida is a top destination for vacationers and boating enthusiasts alike. There’s nothing like setting sail under the warm sunshine with your closest friends and family. One particular spot you simply can’t overlook or pass up is Delray Beach.

Before you head out on the water it’s a wise idea to do your homework and secure a boat in advance. This way you’ll be all set to go and can partake in a fun boating experience once you arrive at your destination. Review the top five boat rental companies in Delray Beach so that you can weigh your options and figure out a game plan and make a reservation.  

1. Gulfstream Boat Club

If you’re looking for a unique experience out on a boat then consider renting one from Gulfstream Boat Club. Boating is their passion and they want to share this love for the water and for boats with you. There are no hidden fees, cleaning, or maintenance required when you rent from them. You’ll get a luxury boating experience and great service with flexible plans no matter your lifestyle or budget. You can reserve a boat and then plan to anchor at a popular sandbar or choose to visit local reefs. They not only have a boat for you but also your gear and your coordinates.

2. Marina One

Marina One is a premier boat storage facility and full service marina. An upscale tropical country club atmosphere sets our marina apart from any other. We keep our marina grounds clean and manicured. You will be proud to bring your guests for a day out on your boat Our business is family owned and operated, and we are a family-friendly facility. With no fixed bridges to hinder the passage of large boats, Marina One is your gateway to the ultimate boating lifestyle in South Florida.

3. Vata Boat Rentals

Vata Boat Rentals caters to the needs of customers like you who need rental boats as you visit and explore Palm Beach County, Florida. The company has a fleet of well-maintained and top-of-the-line boats that are available to rent and use when you’re in the area. Everything they provide also comes with full protection insurance. You can rent boats for six, eight, and even 24 hours. You can contact them to learn more about their specialized rates as well. They want to ensure that you’ll have an amazing time and have the boats you need to make your trip that much better.

4. Hillsboro Inlet Fishing Center

The Hillsboro Inlet Fish Center in Pompano is known for their amazing fishing charters and their impressive modern fishing charter fleet that includes a variety of perfectly maintained boats. We specialize in deep sea fishing, Sailfish fishing, Mahi fishing, Kingfish fishing, Wahoo fishing, Swordfish fishing, Marlin fishing and bottom fishing.Whether you’re alone or have a group of 20 people, Hillsboro Inlet Fish Center is your choice for Salt water fishing! Custom charters are available for birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion that wants to have an amazing fishing day on the water.

5. Charade Sailboat Charter

Charade is a luxury sailing yacht providing relaxing, adventurous, exciting sailing tours of southeast Florida beaches between Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Celebrate weddings, birthdays, etc at sea! Have a wonderful time!

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