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Right after choosing the perfect boat, choosing the marina to dock your boat at can make or break you day on the water. Experienced boaters know that there are a lot of factors at play when looking for the right boat marina for you and your vessel – the convenience, accessibility, locality, services and quality of services, ease of parking, et cetera – and it’s often hard to find one that checks all the right boxes. Thankfully, there’s Boaters List to help you find the right boat marina for you and your boat’s needs.

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Boat docking is the most important service marinas provide – they shelter your boat from wind, waves, and other boat traffic to keep your prized vessel safe in its own boat slip*. Not all boat slips are created equal though and you’ll want to do your research to ensure the boat marina you’re looking at offers docking that has shelter from the wind and waves so your docking experience doesn’t become a hassle. The calmer the waters around the boat slip the better. In addition to boat docking, marinas provide a slew of other services like maintenance, security, and restrooms and showers to clean up in after a long day on the water. Certain boat marinas may also offer food and other amenities right off the water.

Thankfully, Boaters List makes it easy to not only find boat marinas in your area but compare them as well. Whether you’re looking for large marinas that offer a variety of amenities right next to the water or marinas with a lot of boat slip options out of the main channel, we can help you find it.

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