About Us

"Boaters List LLC is designed as a multi-faceted resource for all things on the water and all those who love to be out enjoying what it has to offer. From large Yacht activities to Paddle Boarding on your local lake, and all things in between, Boaters List will always strive to make it Better on the Water", Martin, President and CEO.

Our Philosophy - Collaborative Effort

Boaters List firmly believes that everyone has something to offer. This value is created through life experiences, the joys, pleasures and of course the do's and don'ts. Soliciting our teammembers for ideas brings the cumulative life experiences into the equation. This allows us to incorporate diverse perspectives for everyone. Collaboration is the basis of the Boaters List platform and under this philosophy we hope to deliver the best possible experience imaginable. We will maintain this mantra of Collaboration and deliver the best solutions and connections for all your water activities.