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You’ll have the time of your life on the water with a boat charter – it gives you the opportunity to experience a new kind of boating and try out specific boats you may never otherwise get the opportunity to own yourself. Additionally, boat charters can help you better hone your nautical skills if you decide to go with a bareboat charter. Bareboat charters make you the captain, giving you full control – and full responsibility – of the vessel. Alternatively, you can charter a boat along with a professional crew and just relax and enjoy the open water. Some boat charter companies will even go the extra mile and help you find the right boat for your needs or connect you with a certain captain or chef for your cruise. Unlike boat rentals, boat charters typically give you the option of larger sailings boats, even yachts, that are more equipped for longer, more comfortable stays. Chartering a boat can almost be like taking a cruise, but you’re able to set your own schedule and bring along who you want – and you’ll never have to wait in line for anything!

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If fishing is your activity of choice while out on the water, then fishing charters are perfect for you. Fishing charters can be booked for anything from a relaxing afternoon of inshore angling to a serious week of offshore action, and some will even fillet your catch for you and keep it on ice! From smaller, private boats that can carry a handful of passengers to large party boats that can take upwards of 60 people a day, there’s a wide range of fishing charters available for the needs of every kind of fisherman. Either way, fishing charters are an exciting way to have some fun on the water without the worry of maintenance.

For those who like to travel in style, a charter yacht provides you the opportunity to spend a luxurious time on the water and often provide an all-inclusive experience. Food, alcohol, fuel, and docking fees are all included, and you’ll have a captain, mate, chef, and, depending on the size of the yacht, other crew dedicated to making your experience as fun as possible!

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Finding boat storage that’s close to the waters you frequent, adequate for your needs, and at an affordable price has been an issue plaguing boating enthusiasts for years. It can be hard to find a boat storage location that offers the perfect combination of convenience, security, accessibility can be a hassle, but with Boaters List it doesn’t have to be. We connect you with thousands of locations offering everything from indoor boat storage to marina boat storage so you can find the right location for your needs. Wherever there’s water, Boaters List can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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There’s been a longstanding debate in the boating community as to what type of storage is better – outdoor or indoor boat storage. Unsurprisingly, the right answer for you depends on a variety of factors like your location, the type of boating activities you get up to, and how often you plan on getting out on the open waters. Obviously for those living in colder climates where the waters ice over in the Wintertime indoor boat storage is the way to go, but what about those living in warmer areas? If you’re one to take spontaneous trips or value easy, frequent access to your boat, then marina boat storage is a better option. If you’re more concerned about your boat’s security and protection, then indoor boat storage is right for you and Boaters List can help you find the best places near you for you to keep your vessel safe and secure.

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If you don’t have the money to buy the boat of your dreams, financing it through a boat loan is your best option. Just like financing a car or a house, new boat financing is incredibly complicated, and it helps to have the assistance of an experienced professional that’ll guide you through all the complexities of things like boat loan rates so you have the confidence you’re getting the best vessel for your needs at the best rate. To put it in more nautical terms, these experts will help you navigate the rough waters associated with new boat financing and get you safely to shore with the right financing package for you so you can enjoy your new boat!

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Even if you’re an experienced sailor, but especially if you’re new to boating, it’s good to familiarize yourself with all that you’ll encounter when looking to secure a boat through marine finance.  Much like a car loan, a boat loan is a type of installment loan that requires you to pay fixed monthly payments over the course of your life until the loan has been repaid. Boat loan rates depend on a host of factors – the type of boat you’re looking to finance, the loan length, the age of the boat, your credit, and more. A good professional experienced in marine finance will not only help make the new boat financing process easier for you to understand but also fight to get you the best rate possible.

Use Boaters List to find the best boat loan rates in marine finance.

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When you’re dealing with something as complicated as boat sales, you want the right professionals in your corner to ensure the process goes smoothly and you’re getting the best boat for your needs at a fair price. Regardless of how enthusiastic you are about the freedoms of the open water, a boat sales professional will know much more about the specifics of the variety of vessels you have available to you and come up with questions you probably didn’t even think to ask the seller. Much like realtors and home inspectors helps homebuyers better understand their options and the potential maintenance issues of what they’re purchasing, a boat sales expert can help you better understand which boats are best suited to your water-bound adventures and the risk associated with each.

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Boat dealers should also look to have boat sales professionals on hand so they can better assist customers make a purchase and increase the level of customer service they’re able to provide, thus making repeat customers more likely. Both boat dealers and buyers stand a lot to gain when they involve a boat sales expert in their respective selling and purchasing processes. 

In yacht sales, you’ll likely be dealing with a lot of money so having a professional to help you make a sound decision is even more important. There’s also a lot more than goes into maintaining and owning a yacht and having a boat sales expert will help you better understand what you’d be getting into so you and they can help broker a fair price so you have the confidence that you’re making a sound investment. It’s always good to have an expert backing you up, especially when you could be spending an exorbitant amount of money.

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Boat Rentals Have Never Been Easier

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With Boaters List, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect vessel for an enjoyable time on the water – no matter where you are. We provide you with extensive lists of boat rentals at water sources around the globe so you’re able to enjoy the freedom of the open waters wherever they may be. We make it easy for you to quickly find the vessel you’re needing so you’re spending more time on the water and less time looking for boat rentals.

Whether you’re on a trip and don’t want to deal with the hassle of lugging your own boat along with you, or don’t own one yourself, Boaters List boat rentals lets you quickly find a boat wherever there’s water.

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Hassle Free Jetski Rentals

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the wind whipping through your hair and saltwater splashing on your face as you speed along the water on a jetski and our jetski rentals give you the opportunity to experience this exhilarating feeling at practically any body of water around the world. Our jetski rentals make it easy for you to have a blast on the water, wherever that water may be. Whether you’re traveling and didn’t want to bring your own jetskis or aren’t lucky enough to own one, we’ll connect you with quality rentals across the globe.

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Yacht Rental for High Profile Events and Lavish Adventures

For the most luxurious adventures and extravagant events, a yacht rental from our list of reputable names across the globe will make the experience unforgettable. We connect you the most renowned names in the business no matter where you are in the world so you can have the vacation of a lifetime!

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For a successful and enjoyable trip, it’s crucial to have an experienced and professional crew on board that knows their way around a boat. A good sailing crew finder will help you assemble a crew that can take care of all your boat’s needs, giving you the peace of mind that your vessel is being properly taken care of so you can focus on what’s important – enjoying the freedom of the open waters!

The experienced crews you’ll find on Boaters List will not only keep you safe but will keep your boat in tip top shape as well, taking care of and alerting you to any engineering or mechanical issues.

Boaters List is your sailing crew finder

Yacht Crew Finder

Yachts require specialized care and capable hands to ensure they are operating smoothly and safely. Boaters List’s extensive yacht crew finder provides you with access to experienced, vetted yacht crews so you can rest assured your valuable recreational vehicle is in good hands.

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Here at Boaters List, we love sailing as much as you do, and our sailing crew and yacht crew finding services can connect you with experienced professionals who love it even more. Both our sailing crew finder and yacht crew finder connect you with thousands of seasoned and qualified crews worldwide, taking the hassle out of finding the right crew for your adventures so you can set sail faster. Get out on the water with the confidence that your crew can handle whatever the waters throw at them today!

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Right after choosing the perfect boat, choosing the marina to dock your boat at can make or break you day on the water. Experienced boaters know that there are a lot of factors at play when looking for the right boat marina for you and your vessel – the convenience, accessibility, locality, services and quality of services, ease of parking, et cetera – and it’s often hard to find one that checks all the right boxes. Thankfully, there’s Boaters List to help you find the right boat marina for you and your boat’s needs.

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Boat docking is the most important service marinas provide – they shelter your boat from wind, waves, and other boat traffic to keep your prized vessel safe in its own boat slip*. Not all boat slips are created equal though and you’ll want to do your research to ensure the boat marina you’re looking at offers docking that has shelter from the wind and waves so your docking experience doesn’t become a hassle. The calmer the waters around the boat slip the better. In addition to boat docking, marinas provide a slew of other services like maintenance, security, and restrooms and showers to clean up in after a long day on the water. Certain boat marinas may also offer food and other amenities right off the water.

Thankfully, Boaters List makes it easy to not only find boat marinas in your area but compare them as well. Whether you’re looking for large marinas that offer a variety of amenities right next to the water or marinas with a lot of boat slip options out of the main channel, we can help you find it.

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Haul Out Yard Services

As every boat owner knows, boats require a lot of maintenance and repairs in order to enjoy all they have to offer on the open water. This makes choosing the right boatyard almost as important as boat maintenance itself. A good boatyard will make your end of the season checklist a breeze and can prevent you from having to pay for bad service that leaves your boat sitting handicapped and unusable, forcing a dispute with the boatyard.

Choosing the right boatyard to take care of your vessel can take a lot of research and due diligence, but Boaters List will do all the work for you and provide a list of reputable providers around the world for you to choose from so you can focus on what’s important – enjoying the freedom of the open water.

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Haul Out Yard Services

For many, the annual haul out represents the end of the boating season and a good haul out yard will employ an extensive process to ensure your boat will be ready for you at the start of next season. This process often starts by removing your boat from the water so all areas that may require cleaning or maintenance is visible.

After a comprehensive cleaning, typically including pressure washing the hull below the water line to clean off all the gunk your boat has collected over the season, everything from the propeller to the rudders are inspected. Thanks to a good haul out yard, you’ll have clean boat with a full fuel tank and a good idea of what parts may require maintenance.

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Fishing Guides and Other Guided Services

Fishing guides can make all the difference in turning your fishing trips from a disappointing outing to enjoyable one ripe with catches and memories. They know local waters like the back of their hand and have spent hours upon hours learning about the fish, their patterns, what works and what doesn’t, and will use all that knowledge to help you land more fish.

Although a fruitful haul is never guaranteed, with a guide all your fishing trips have a better chance of landing more fish. Fishing trips with a guide can be a very educational experience and can help make you a better fisherman. Want to learn a new technique? Have a question about a native species? Ask the guide. Fishing guides are not just guides to specific fishing spots, they are teachers as well.

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Guided Fishing Trips

Want to have a guide accompany you on your future fishing trips? Boaters List can help connect you to some of the best fishing guides near any water source, worldwide. With a fishing guide, you’ll come away with more than just fish on your fishing trips: knowledge and memories that will last a lifetime as well. Use our services to find a fishing guide today!

Guided boat tours and fishing trips make for unforgettable experiences!

Guided Boat Tours

At Boaters List, we also offer boat tours in some of the most beautiful waters around the world. Even if you’re not looking to fish, you can enjoy the adventure of getting out on the water with an experienced guide and enjoy the fresh air, the breeze on your skin, and all nature’s beauty has to offer.

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Keeping You Connected to the Marine Services You Need

Marine services are essential in the boating community and are crucial in ensuring the health and safety of boats and the waters they frequent. Often, it’s thanks marine services that we have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of the open waters as frequently as we do, handling issues from minor tune ups to major adjustments.

Marine services encompass boat repair, marine detailing, salvage, vessel recovery, environmental clean-up, and a host of other on-water services that keep the boating community afloat – both literally and metaphorically. All water enthusiasts should know how important marine services are to their enjoyment of the water and never take them for granted.

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Extensive Boat Repair Listings

If you own a boat, it’s inevitable that you will need boat repairs at some point, no matter how careful or good of a captain you are. Boaters List will connect you with an array of boat repair professionals wherever you are, and with listings that span the entire globe. You are never that far from a boat repair expert who can get your vessel back in tip top shape. Even if you’re in need of just routine service and maintenance, our list of providers gives you the ability to search through a variety of providers in your area so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Easily Find Marine Detailing Service Providers

Marine detailing – the service that and cleans, seals, and protects your vessel so it looks all shiny and brand new again – is vital to extending your boat’s lifespan. Your boat is a big investment and marine detailing services help protect that investment by reducing the toll the sun, sand, water, and everything else you encounter on the open water has on it.

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